Cloud enabled POS Software: Checkout IVEPOS features [ Updated 2018 ]

Intuition Systems - POS Software

Change is the only constant.

We are upgrading our products and software, to give the best to our customers. Our focus is to make the product more user-friendly and pass on the technological advantages to our customers.

Keeping that in mind, we have toiled day and night to release our new versions of the product.

We dream of a day when our customers are successful in managing their operations easily. This makes us successful.

Let us walk you through the product features we have included in our IVEPOS – POS Software which is Cloud enabled to back up your data and access the analytics from anywhere.

Here are the top IVEPOS features :

1. User Interface

The churn in the restaurant is a big issue, employees leave the job on very short notice. If an employee who works on counter leave the job, it becomes difficult for a newbie to understand the product and it becomes a big issue for management.

We have worked on this problem.

The UI of our POS system is just too good to be real.
As we know human’s imagine in images, keeping that in mind we have designed our UI, even a person who is illiterate can use this, because the items are designated using images prominently.

Just see the below picture how beautiful and user-friendly the UI.

IVEPOS Features
IVEPOS Features

The learning curve to use the product is very less.

A quick learner can get used to the product in 15 minutes, that’s it. Since the product is Android based we don’t need bulky computers, and can simply run on the tablet.  

2. Customer Relationship Management:

To grow a business, loyal customers are the key to unlock the hidden potential in any business.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the customers have become ubiquitous.

We don’t want you to buy another product for that, we have got you covered for this on our All in One product itself.

Yes, you can do all the in-marketing activities from our IVEPOS software using the SMS and email marketing.

3. Inventory and micro inventory management

Managing the stock is one of the most tedious tasks to do in any retail business.

There are plenty of other important decisions needs to be taken on day to day basis but the repeated jobs like managing inventory take out an important time and costs a lot.

To solve this issue we have integrated Inventory Management with our POS systems.

Especially for restaurants, we have Micro Inventory which will let you know the situation of your stocks in the kitchen. It will let you know in the advance about the ingredients/spices left in storeroom so that you can take decision well in advance of your key ingredients.

For example, if you sell one coffee then, an equivalent amount of coffee powder for one coffee will get reduced from the stock and at the end of the day, you will be in a situation to know how many grams of the coffee powder is used in the whole day.

These insights will empower you to make smart & quick decisions.

4. Integrated Payments : 

Every business all over the world is witnessing a growth in the acceptance of digital payments.

To grow further a retail business in today’s era it is compulsory to accept the digital payments.

Now you can accept payment with our digital payment partners Payswiff, PayTM, MSwipe, Mobikwik etc. and grow.

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5. Cloud and Analytics 

Many stores are having multi-store operations, it becomes tedious for business owners to keep a tab on so many stores.

The owner sometime personally travels to stores, if possible, or call the store manager to get the data of the sales.

It is lot of pain. We have know that. We have worked on it.

Now with our Cloud enabled IVEPOS systems it becomes very easy to keep a tab on all the stores from anywhere.

Sales insights and reports will be on your tips.
Daily, monthly and quarterly sales report are just one touch away.

Our Cloud enabled & AI powered systems will help you make smart decisions to get an edge in the business.

Cloud will give you an ultimate freedom and let you do a important tasks of zero to one. It will help you grow immensely with the freedom of managing your operations from anywhere.  

To know more about product and get your hands on our beautifully crafted product you can mail us on [email protected] or just call us on +91 80 4300 8549

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