Why you should use a Point of Sale system for your Enterprise

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In this age of cutting edge technology every enterprises are upgrading themselves to harness the power of technology. It has helping thousands of businesses daily save trillions of dollars and giving an edge over competitors.  

Large corporations with deep pockets have dedicated teams to look after harnessing the technology but medium enterprises with limited human resource are not able to harness the same available technology.  

We are providing solutions for businesses to run them efficiently. We have experienced the pain of running a restaurant. This made us understand the pain point of running a customer [B2C] business.

Let me give you few reasons, based on our own experience, why you must consider installing an AI analytics and cloud based POS.

1. Reduces cost:

In longer run it reduces cost. Period.

We loose money on various front in a business.
Let me give an example, if a waiter make 3 trips to generate an invoice and collect a payment and deposit the same at counter it approximately takes 5 minutes or may be more.

What if we save this time?  Time is money.

We can solve this by generating invoice through a Bluetooth WiFi enabled portable invoice printer which print invoice on the go. Payments can be collected remotely by portable calculator look like mini card accepting machines. They are mean machines capable of accepting any payments.

You gain precious time and thus reduces cost of human resource.

2. Remotely manage the operations :

We know, you cannot be every where every time.

That’s why we made it possible in our systems by which you can keep a tab on the operations, inventory and payments remotely. Run business your business mobile.

Yes you can do that. Our POS are Cloud enabled.
You can enjoy a holiday in Maldives🌴 this winter, without any fickle. 

3. Insights

We always look for wise advice from mentors and seniors. Experience counts, we know that. We harnessed technology to dig into the records and tell us the pattern. Our POS systems has it’s own experience building too, machine learns. This machine learning gives us insight. This “experience” or the insight will help you to take smart decision. It’s okay if you don’t have any ‘real ‘mentors. We can learn from our own, but this time we will do it smartly. Use the insights and get ahead of the competitors.  

We faced all this issues and decided to build machines which will fill these gaps. Tried and tested in our own restaurant. After successful implementation of these software and hardware machines we decided to help entrepreneurs to run their business efficiently from our learning.

The application is not limited to restaurants but can be customized easily for grocery stores, footwear and apparels, pharmacies and what not.

Get your hands on this beautiful software handcrafted with our experience for you. Check out our IVEPOS products for your Enterprises.

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