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Point Of Sale system is a backbone of a modern era Restaurant.

This Cloud  enabled POS system allows entrepreneurs to track sales, inventory, cash inflow and make book keeping very simple.

The POS is basically more than billing software for Restaurants.

POS – A Restaurant Software

There are many reason to use a POS for your restaurant. 

  • High Volume of Cash and Digital Payments
  • Can accept payments through integrated digital wallet like PayTM, MobiKwik, etc.
  • Sales report on tips
  • Inventory Management; prevent wastage.
  • CRM; Connect with your customer through SMS, email marketing 

& many more benefits.

Some of the important benefits of a Restaurant POS Software are covered briefly below for you.

Sales & Reporting

You can get daily & monthly reports on tip of your hands.

It help you to dig deeper in to the items which sells more and make informed decision.

The below screenshot from our POS system tells us clearly about the daily, weekly, monthly sales.

billing software for restaurants
Android POS Software – IVEPOS

Similarly you can also know which digital wallet payments are used extensively.

Digital Wallets - Android POS - IVEPOS
Digital Wallets – Android POS – IVEPOS

This kind of sales analytics will empower the entrepreneurs to understand the customer behavior and train their employees appropriately.


We know, you cannot be every where every time.

That’s why we made it possible in our systems by which you can keep a tab on the operations, inventory and payments remotely. Run business your business mobile.

Yes you can do that. Our POS are Cloud enabled.
You can enjoy a holiday in Maldives this winter, without any fickle.

Customer Loyalty Program [CRM]

You will have enormous data of the customers like their mobile number, email id, which can be utilized to get in touch with them.

A timely marketing activities can be done right from your POS system. 

Yes, you can automate things like SMS, email  on purchase which will create a brand for your restaurants.

A targeted marketing campaign can be deployed by knowing the customer behavior.

Inventory Management

Preventing loss is actually making money.

Inventory management actually helps to do that.
You can have many benefits from this feature 

  • Helps in better decision making
  • Improves Profitability/saves from leakages
  • Real time inventory data
  • Low Operation Cost

You can read about Inventory Management in detail here.

Tax Management

All the bills generated can be easily tax compliance. You can implement GST rates easily. 

The Sales sheet generated can easily be downloaded and will help you to file the GST returns.

The application  [IVEPOS] is not limited to restaurants but can be customized easily for QSR, food trucks also.

Get your hands on this beautiful software handcrafted with our experience for you. Check out our IVEPOS products for your Enterprises.

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