Top 3 Ways Restaurant Kitchens Can Save Money Via Technology

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Kitchen cost of the restaurants remain high due to many reasons.

Here, we will shed some light on the top 3 ways kitchens can save money to lower over all  restaurant kitchen cost using technology.

#1 Inventory Management

If you are already running a restaurant then you are well versed that messy it gets inside the kitchen. There is a huge waste of food.

Inventory Management comes in handy to track this issue properly, end to end.

We have manual ways through which you can track the inventory but how effective are they? In this technological age do you still want to rely on that?

A proper inventory management like of IVEPOS helps to track the loss, report the right of procurement and empowers you to take smart decision at right time.

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#2 Kitchen Display System

The ticket system (KOT – Kitchen Order Ticket) has it’s own problems. It creates more mess in kitchen on a busy weekend night.

2 slips asking for Masala dosa, idly vada and another slip asking for uttapam and idly vada and another one asking for masala dosa and 2 chai becomes more complicate for the kitchen crew to understand that they have to make 3 masala dosa, 3 idly vada, 2 chai and 1 uttapam.

A KDS (Kitchen Display System) displays all the requirement cumulatively, helps the kitchen crew to understand the order more easily.

This system creates a lot efficiency in the kitchen, faster food delivery, saves time and lot of energy thus save money.

#3 Restaurant Handheld

This technology  is a guest-facing one, but the it’s usage have result associated with the restaurant kitchen.

A handheld order system enables the waiter to get the order from the guest immediately and order is generated directly in the kitchen. This enables an error free order taking process and thus saves lot of money as many times waiter forget the order.

By this technological intervention order can be taken at faster pace, food can be served quickly which reduces table turn times.  

Make the technology works for you and save lot of money.

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